TREASURE continues to prove that they are indeed a K-pop boy group to watch out for! Lirik Lagu Sejeong Plant dan Terjemahannya. Rising male idol group TREASURE soars high as their album … The 12 tracks from its first Korean album such as “My Treasure,” “Boy,” “MMM” and … Sept. 18 (UPI) --South Korean boy band Treasure is back with new music.The K-pop group released the single album The First Step: Chapter Two and a … TREASURE BOY Music Video on YouTube. Baca juga: Debut, Inilah Biodata Lengkap Member SuperM. You May Also Like. Mini album solo pertama Sejeong. Treasure (트레저) is a 12-member boy group from YG Entertainment. TREASURE wins big despite its 5-month and counting live in the industry. They explained the reasoning behind having two leaders, Jihoon said, Biodata Lengkap Member Super Junior. That said, the band sets the record as the second-fastest boy group to become a million sellers. TREASURE (트레저) is a South Korean boy group under YG Entertainment. The boy band is split into two separate groups — TREASURE and MAGNUM — and YG Entertainment's original plans are for both groups to promote under the TREASURE … Boy band Treasure will make its Japanese debut with its first full-length Japanese album “The First Step: Treasure Effect” on March 31, its agency YG Entertainment said on Thursday. YG boy group first single Boy music video is available to enjoy on YouTube. YouTube: Official Treasure; Itulah biodata TREASURE, boy group yang akan segera debut pada 7 Agustus 2020. We also give you the Boy lyrics to understand what TREASURE debut single is all about. The Treasure members are Choi Hyunsuk (최현석), Park Jihoon (박지훈) , Kim Junkyu (김준규) , Yoshinori (요시노리) , Mashiho (마시호), Yoon Jaehyuk (윤재혁), Asahi (아사히), Bang Yedam (방예담) , Kim Doyoung (김도영), Haruto (하루토), Park Jeongwoo (박정우) and So Junghwan (소정환). Selected and formed through YG’s self-produced survival program, titled ‘YG TREASURE BOX,’ the group began its debut project since January 2020. Jihoon and Hyunsuk lead the group. The group consists of 12 members. YG Entertainment previously announced that its first boy group, TREASURE, will consist of seven members: Haruto, Bang Yedam, So Junghwan, Kim … In 1st is Wanna One , who became million-sellers within 4 Months. TREASURE is a rookie boy group presented by YG Entertainment in four years since BLACKPINK. Formerly known as TREASURE 13, was formed under the show YG Treasure Box. The Watch the first single music video from YG Treasure debut album on YouTube (and the Boy … TREASURE is YG biggest group, they have a total of 12 members, it was decided that there would be two leaders, two members were chosen out of the group. Rookie boy group TREASURE, hailing from YG Entertainment, collected a million sales for its The First Step album. TREASURE is now the fastest 4th-generation group and the 2nd fastest boy group to be a million-seller!