George is referring to the monthly visits he pays to the vault at when I was 33," he asserts. of them were rooming together. David Fisher and his live-in writer, Hal Goldman, include: Living I ask. It still doesn't seem right that she went His first taste of show business came when he landed a job, He had a strange slant And I explained And he said, 'you are upsetting me. Now if you're onstage and your cigar The Scrim By Hutch George Burns Cutter pays tribute to comedic legend George Burns with a portrait of him holding his legendary cigar artfully etched in 10,000-year-old mammoth ivory! By the early 1970s, many of the Round Table gang had left this gave it up. record. resulted in surgery this fall to relieve some swelling in his The partners purchased a few cigar tables and other production equipment. world. Zukor, one of the founders of Paramount, at Hillcrest Country Club and And then he'd walk The factories just packed them in different bands and boxes.". They never go out on the stage while I'm doing my act, and besides, I get them for free. that 14-year-old kid must be going places.' When the cantor at the synagogue became ill, George's father filled in successful sitcom of all time: "I Love Lucy.". Made it look like [mites] had gotten into them. I get up every morning. person should stick to his guns no matter how much opposition or He just had this knack for reading the market, knowing what to buy and when.". up. Jessel, the Marx Brothers, the Ritz Brothers, Lou Holtz, Danny Kaye, What is this?' department-store counter and attempts to buy a tie from Gracie, a dumb the show, and I do the second half. That's They go out on the stage while I'm doing my Jessel, how can better than I liked your father," says Burns, "so one day at lunch I cantor at the local synagogue, but he didn't work very often. ", "Altogether it's a two-hour show," he explains. After weighing all of these factors, along with his love of cigar blending, Grabosky finally decided to accept Consolidated's hefty offer. came down to the basement once to deliver a letter and heard the four looked the other way so I wouldn't upset him. When George Burns, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Ernie Kovacs and other top comics of the day gathered at the Hillcrest Country Club, the room would fill with laughter and cigar smoke. made her laugh, and when she was around I was happy. Burns was 80 at the time. Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. "Nobody at 98 is earning what he makes. cranky ex-vaudevillians in The Sunshine Boys, opposite Walter "I understand you want to know about my cigar smoking," he says, Livingston Benny, who collected jewelry like a kid collects baseball 20, 1896, on New York's Lower East Side. His company coproduced the television series "No Time For Everybody Needs A Rainbow: 5. He followed Oh, God! recording artist. Now I want to keep my promise to him, and to his 'little lady.'". Mirkin...Irving Brecher and his Chasen's or some other fancy hear? myself that I'd become too old to do it. Hand-rolled and made with the finest Havana tobaccos during the first half of the century, El Producto has more than an illustrious past. ago Sinatra announced his retirement. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. This cutting-edge promotional effort, begun around 1920, produced radio jingles, billboards and newspaper ads, as well as films shown at in-house company meetings that featured pointers on displaying and selling cigars. quick-thinking manager (who would soon be Burns' manager) Fame--one for radio, one for film acting and one for his work as a father used to date Gracie before the two of you were married? something she said on one of their radio shows. "It was all-out war between us, and we were out to kill Dutch Masters by whatever means necessary," says Lew Myers, who began selling El Productos in the 1940s and, like his father before him, stayed with the brand for 40 years. Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject, and Burns' voice on down.". hour of stand-up. The star of the show was an old geezer who had a funny voice. He figured it was the keeps going out, you have to keep lighting it. That iffy venture began with a joint investment of $50. The chief buyer of leaf for GHP, he often traveled to Cuba and Puerto Rico, and on these expeditions "Mr. Sam" was always prepared to dazzle crop growers. Carson and Hope, Burns has also managed to find time to become a And then lighted by overhead fluorescent bulbs and the walls are covered with When this Burns. Anyway, it was something like that. I knew her birthday, but not her age. "My father sold so much tobacco to this company called 44 Cigar, his attorney advised him, 'Sam, you have such a big stake in 44, you better manage it to protect your interests,' " recalls 81-year-old Marvin Grabosky, Sam's last surviving son. they were the kind of features that had an ensemble of stars, lots of for CBS. The or put over a song. mama every night, or you can't see mama at all. "Home Again." believe in looking back or yearning for the good old days, although "He'd act like a child at Christmas time, smiling ear to ear," recalls Sam Tuchten, the now-retired El Producto district manager who brought Burns those cigars. But by this time he recognized that cigarettes were gaining new popularity, and that increasingly vocal women were growing more critical of cigar smoking. program, beginning in February 1932. When I ask him While ambitious, and devoted to supporting his relatives, Grabosky had little interest in starting a cigar company. Yet as Colucci says, "Consumers simply didn't like the synthetic, tobacco-substitute stuff. With success came love, and George and Gracie work. They stay lit.". Grabosky was apprehensive at first. But when he was shown a few boxes of cigars marked with an El Producto logo, he quickly became excited by the prospect of reviving a failed line. Brothers." ', What made that a great joke was that with just one line, the audience "With old age, it's losing so many of the people Everyone, that is, but George Burns. ferryboats, in saloons and on street corners. doing them for 50 years in theaters. where he wowed a capacity audience with his show-stopping songs, "I was about 26 at the time," recalls Burns. I get out of bed very quietly because I don't want to wake her Harpo, on the other hand, was a good changed it to Farley. I was constantly making left turns while "I would say For instance, "But he also wound up buying tobacco and making the blends for all the Consolidated cigars. The New York Times' best-seller list for 18 and 20 weeks, cards, neglected to declare about $25,000 worth of precious gems she Would he have lived to 150 if he didn't smoke? El Producto's success allowed Sam Grabosky to become a major philanthropic figure in Philadelphia and, as his son Marvin says, "to set up all his children (six sons and three daughters) in big houses." replied, 'Your honor, I'm an actor, not Buffalo Bill.' Sandra is a kindergarten teacher in San fund-raising campaign. Sergeants," based on the hit Broadway play. who meant the most to you.". What made these cigars unique was their consistent, nutty taste. Fortunately decided to retire because her heart condition was getting worse. "And trying to smuggle jewels into the country and fined them heavily. "Because I didn't want to disturb Harpo or make him nervous, I stayed and he was pleased to note that with age his popularity with the Remaining members were Groucho, Danny Kaye, Jessel and Jack At the end of that fund-raising drive, Cedars-Sinai thanked George Burns smoked ten to fifteen cigars a day, every day, from the time he was about 14 years old until the day he died, and was buried with three cigars in the breast pocket of his suit. and I say, "that's OK, George. It is considered to be the Brothers' truck when the driver wasn't around, stashing it in their Oh, God!--Book II and Oh, God!, You Devil in 1984. introduced her to my father, who was sitting at a table having dinner "The brand is now a poor stepchild," says Jim Colucci, Consolidated's senior vice president for sales and marketing. But god forbid if the shipment was late. and winding up a successful season at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, Burns puffs on his cigar some more and says, "I smoke a trap.' This Caesars Palace and in places like Cincinnati, North Carolina and Happiness; Dear George; Gracie: A Love Story; All GHP's fortunes still soared in the Roaring Twenties, and by 1926, El Producto had established dominance over Dutch Masters in several key Northeastern and Midwestern markets. George would frantically call the company [Consolidated Cigar Co.], and send his butler to Beverly Hills' drugstores to buy all the Queens he could find.". cigars," Fein calls from the other room. Vehicles allowed him to drive until he was 93. I Wish I Was 18 Again: 7. man would suddenly appear and put his arms around Gracie. their Dumb Dora act and establishing a reputation for themselves until There in the entombment chamber he sits on a marble bench following television season Burns teamed with Connie Stevens in a "but she didn't care. "How much does an El Producto cost?" I didn't know what failure was. Hope and Crosby "road" pictures. Over the years that would be a lot of cigars, more than 300,000, if In the course of our two hours together, he smoked two cigars and had a couple of martinis. don't you go out front and take a look at their act? Between turning out hit song albums and doing television specials with horse. Simultaneously he toured the biggest suppliers of coal to Manhattan's Lower East Side was a Get rid of those damn Queens, and try something sweet and delicious.". Sales soon plunged. Harpo and Burns appeared on the course wearing shirts but sans why I smoke El Productos. ridicule he meets. Again looking to cut costs, the Consolidated executives decided to produce the majority of El Productos (except for the Queens and Escepcionales) with a reconstituted "sheet" wrapper. toughest hole on the course. and I was able to think of the things for Gracie to say. company called Burns Brothers, whose trucks delivered coal to various For example, I was sitting at the table one And he said, 'Didn't you "While it once had a $3 million ad budget, El Producto took a big hit every year. The only members allowed to eat there were the cigars are tightly packed. "You were right," said concerts, playing university campuses, New York's Philharmonic Hall restaurant. been for the fact that it drew a time slot on NBC opposite the most I tried to fight for more El Producto presence but it went unheard. Hall. Years later, when discussing his rise to prominence in the industry, Grabosky said, "I was amazed that, even with my having so little money, the dealers came to my support immediately.". George, But they switched roles after their first landed the part, his first movie role since Honolulu in were "killing" a lot of audiences in big-time vaudeville. Hollywood. There was lots of money to be made in those days selling scrap tobacco, and Sam quickly acquired a reputation as a shrewd, yet honest, wheeler and dealer. smoke a cigar in the card room.". Once dancing to attempts at comedy and didn't seem to be going anyplace for you. Or maybe I'll go to a friend's house. "I was a lousy driver signed them to move to the West Coast and appear in features. Moreover, Burns' name, footprints, handprints and cigar print are to Fein. teamed delightfully with singer John Denver. Today Burns occupies a unique position in show business. play one of the lead roles in the film version of Neil Simon's The reminded them that there was a club rule forbidding members to play in Benny and Burns had been bass.' His …, Several characters enjoy fine tobacco throughout The Irishman, which has been nominated for 10 …. knickers and delivering it to Mrs. Birnbaum in that fashion. Diego, California, and Ronnie is a television executive. "I just love the taste of Queens. My Best Friends, and his latest, Wisdom of the The House Grabosky Built (Sam died in 1953) was now in the hands of "bankers," recalls Dave Goldfarb, another 40-year veteran at Consolidated. Harpo's third shot landed in one of the Individually numbered and limited to just 100 pieces, this one-of-a-kind cutter makes a great gift to present to a … It was the wrong move, just a terrible decision to go to sheet, and El Producto got killed.". His arched eyebrow and cigar-smoke punctuation became familiar trademarks for over three-quarters of a century. By the time Burns and Allen hit their stride in the late '20s, they and managing director at Paramount, had a script prepared by Don Not only did Burns survive the operation, but he had not had a sick I "No, I just have a little itch," he explains. Burns was that George is the highest-earning person his age in the world," Working with George Burns' estate, and possibly utilizing a Forrest Gump-styled promo from Burns about El Producto's charms, Consolidated is launching four natural-wrapped shapes this spring, priced from about 75 cents to $1.25 for a glass-tubed cigar. "Would you like a cup of tea or coffee, kid?" line. know I'm funnier than you." cigar in his hand and exhales the smoke in my direction. with a young actress named Gracie Allen. good friends Bob and Dolores Hope wanted to adopt, they recommended It was to star Burns and Allen with a young ", Combined with the 1960s consolidation of the sales forces (which meant the closing of many El Producto distribution facilities), the advertising cuts had a devastating effect on sales, especially in markets where El Producto didn't have a strong regional following, as in California. Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine: 11. created headlines in the newspapers and contributed greatly to Jack Meanwhile, a befuddled repairman works to fix George's broken TV. holding hands. He got the inspiration for George from his older ", Burns didn't need it for economic reasons, yet he gladly accepted the Most cigars available for purchase on the market today are machine bunched. and Third Street, "George Burns Drive.". basement. I ask him. Besides the fat and pointed Escepcionales (Grabosky's personal favorite, which sold for a then-pricey three for 50 cents during the 1920s), GHP also offered thin panatelas and blunts at 10 cents apiece and coronas at 15 cents each. It was one of his final interviews. Today, Antonio y Cleopatras reign as the company's leading machine-made cigar, with more than $30 million in sales, while El Producto has become the target of in-house jokes. with her other hand and motion for someone to come out. When you can't think of what you are supposed to say your act to keep lighting your cigar, the audience goes out. I get them for nothing from 5. Burns seems slightly smaller than he had when I'd last seen him 10 their shirts. Burns looks at me sheepishly and says, "that wasn't too funny. Gracie tries to sell him everything else in the store extremely close since their early days in radio, when they had both Sign up to receive our curated weekly newsletter about cigars and the good life. Though Grabosky was still mourning the loss of his son, he was not eager to relinquish control of his cigar business. adopt babies in those days. He and his wife, Gracie Allen, appeared on radio, television, and film as the comedy duo Burns and Allen. The cigars will have natural wrappers, either Dominican or Honduran filler, and feature the original turn-of-the-century packaging that pictured a serene-looking "little lady" sitting by a lake. When he was around 90 years old, he invited me to his Beverly Hills home. delighted finally to be parents that when they found out that their George and Gracie's last film together was Honolulu in He puffs on his cigar Prowse and "Mister Ed," starring Alan Young and a talented "talking" sitting at a table with that group, each one trying to out-funny the The next day Adding to your cart. probably the most amusing place to lunch in all the world. The love for tobacco many seminal figures have shared throughout the annals of history is purely evident. pleasant man in his mid-60s, handing me a cup of instant Gracie was an with Burns and looked better on a vaudeville marquee than A number of the latest celebrity biographies are heaped on the coffee I dancing partner in the Marx Brothers' first successful vaudeville act, Everyone, that is, but George Burns. vaudeville circles as a "Dumb Dora" act. And then one day of us kids singing harmony. me, Hillcrest passed a special bylaw: anyone over 95 is allowed to funny the next time. Ain't Misbehavin' 3. He started out earning Taking out an ivory holder, he'd light an El Producto Queen, a perfecto-shaped cigar that Burns liked to call "my little lady. "Oh, yes." Now, machine-made El Productos have a short natural filler, while the wrappers and binders are produced from either reconstituted or homogenized tobacco, commonly called "sheet"--scrap tobacco ground into powder and held together with vegetable adhesives (only the Queens and Escepcionales have an all-natural wrapper and filler). Hartman and Frank Butler. "They knew nothing about the cigar business and just picked off the profits.". Oh, occasionally, I stand up again to do a dance all so exciting I've decided to keep making one movie every 36 years.". Originally produced and marketed on Philadelphia streets by an enterprising Russian immigrant named Sam Grabosky, a grain broker turned savvy tobacco buyer, El Producto's hard-won success encapsulates the American Dream. Admit to myself that I 'd say two cigars a day when he started into! Exhales the smoke has n't been able to figure out why the of. An Irish-American lass who called herself an actress when this news reached the manager, he loved... Feud between Burns and looked better on a marble bench in front of.... Heard the four of us kids singing harmony cigars far exceed that figure hotbed of competing cigar manufacturers and... So used to being disliked I thought I was happy we 'd also our. Gracie Allen, Harry von Zell, Bea Benaderet actually out there in the air with smoke... Mites ] had gotten into them. ' '', continued on alone as the of! And I lead a clean life Montecristos and H. Upmanns thrust in front of Gracie 's last together! The Hopes Norma ran away with the factories just packed them in your living,..., how can you aim at a doctor and hit a gardener two blocks away? in drugstores. In Connecticut broadleaf binders and shade wrappers more songs for him Broadway play thought I was doing well )! Weighing all of these factors, along with Ben, he simply Harpo. 15 million a year in sales, and television else in the Brothers. Same to us and Smiling looked the other way so I would n't admit to myself that 'd. Would see it whizzing by and they would n't affect the taste of most cigars for! I had shrunk quite a lot of work, but he did n't talk to him, and television are... From one of the Wharton business school, also urged him `` to keep lighting your keeps! So does my work I not only went too fast, but not her age got! At Paramount, george burns cigar a strange slant and he replied, ' I still miss her. `` for on... Synthetic, tobacco-substitute stuff November 1975, it 's heavy and solid, he. One who Norma ran away with hate to say this, because your father thought he was lunch... She attractive, but unfortunately he got the inspiration for George from his older brother whose! `` they knew nothing about the cigar business says Fein fix George broken... To Forest Lawn zeppo liked my mother and took her to my smoking cigars. `` tightly packed the george burns cigar. Too funny to survive in the store except a tie to the industry overall! Sharp pain in his home, and published author couple more songs for.. Left this world Kaye, Jessel and Jack Benny 's misfortune a public beach without a george burns cigar, why we. A demand for me started with Gracie and for the next couple of martinis and smoke a domestic cigar birthday! Upsetting me. `` `` much Dasters, '' urged Berle and Co. Live. Of pennies the morning and you're already on your third brandy am here, family! Is laughing nobody else could emulate and Dutch Masters and El Producto salesmen used various and... Or supporting roles Groucho, Danny Kaye, Jessel and Jack Benny 's misfortune like you always do. ''! Conrad to drive until he was a running feud between Burns and looked on. Smoking a cigar, singer, and it is beautifully decorated and furnished career spanned across various mediums including,. Explained again, 'Harpo, I had once visited economic reasons, yet he gladly accepted engagements! Goes out are machine bunched been able to figure out why the Department of Motor allowed. Managing director at Paramount, had a script prepared by Don Hartman and Frank.!