[54] Yutarō came in eighth place in the series' first character popularity poll. The Rurouni Kenshin anime is the adaptation of the manga series with the same name by Nobuhiro Watsuki.Situated during the early Meiji period in Japan, the story tells about a fictional assassin named Kenshin Himura, who becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan.. The author intended for Henya to be "monster-like" since, originally none of the Juppongatana aside from Sōjirō were supposed to be "lookers." Magdalia is a devout Christian and believes in everything that her brother says and does, which leads to her and Sanosuke Sagara having clashing personalities. At first Hōji was just an individual who was surprised a lot, but Watsuki realized that would "get awfully dull." Although he is not proficient in any fighting style, he is a cunning organizer and possesses formidable leadership qualities. 154] Since then he vowed to kill Kenshin for dishonoring him and joined the Six Comrades to get his revenge. In China he taught himself the Watōjutsu (倭刀術) style, which was derived from Japanese kenjutsu.[ch. Watch Rurouni Kenshin (Dubbed) Episode 44, A Decisive Battle Like Violent Waters: The Strongest Troop Juppongatana, on Crunchyroll. 188, 190] It is defeated when Kenshin lodges debris in its internal gears to stop its offense, and then destroyed by his strongest technique.[ch. 94, 95] He intended for the boy to one day succeed him as master of his deadly art, but the two severed ties when Kenshin abandoned his training in order to serve the Ishin Shishi.[ch. He fights Sagara Sanosuke at Takeda Kanryū's mansion and is defeated. He realized this and tried to fix the dialogue but it "got weird" and the fights were not as glamorous as he had hoped. Due to a lack of time Watsuki adapted an earlier concept of a man with dreadlocks, which "to my surprise, turned out to be just right." Because of a lack of available pages, Watsuki concluded "this hasn't ended up coming across too well. Afterwards, Watsuki noticed that Geezer was very similar to Grandpa Bob in Bøy by Haruto Umezawa. Hiko Seijūrō XIII (比古 清十郎 十三代, Hiko Seijūrō Jūsandai) is the thirteenth and current master of the 300-year-old Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and Kenshin's swordsmanship instructor, who now works as a potter under the alias "Ni'itsu Kakunoshin" (新津 覚之進, Niitsu Kakunoshin).[ch. [15], Akamatsu Arundo (赤末 有人) is a mercenary of Shibumi, a corrupt politician. In Tokyo, he meets a young woman named Kamiya Kaoru, who invites him to live in her dojo despite learning about Kenshin's past. Cover of the first tankōbon for Rurouni Kenshin, released by Shueisha on September 2, 1994. Sent to Kyoto to set up an information network, the Aoi-Ya inn became his headquarters.[ch. Watsuki tried "very hard" to keep the body from being too similar to the Eva. A cross-dressing man, Kamatari is a member of the Juppongatana and takes pride in his 'womanly' status, at one point reprimanding Henya for throwing bombs at him since it could hurt his skin. A biological man with a feminine appearance, he is homosexual and loves Shishio deeply. Watsuki wanted "interesting villains to start things off with a bang" and made one "brainy" and the other "wild." Each one of the Juppongatana has a different skill and fighting style, all of which is centered around the ideas of wielding a "sword" of some sort, either literally or metaphorically. 147], The overall model for Saizuchi is a villainous elf who tricks the giant in what Watsuki was told is a Finnish folktale called "Frost Giant"; he combined that with an "image of a giant-robot pilot." 75] Wanting Shakkū's final sword, Sawagejō Chō kidnaps Iori and uses him as a hostage until Azusa reveals that it was offered to the Hakusan Shrine as a "godsword."[ch. The first is Baika Chūzen (梅花袖箭), a small six-barreled arrow-launcher worn on his left wrist.[ch. "The Secret Life of Characters (16) Isurugi Raijūta,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. But the author said he was utterly defeated, citing Saitō as the biggest reason; any character turns into a weakling in front of Saitō, just like Usui did. Watsuki developed Anji before publication of Rurouni Kenshin; he appears as an extra in the second Rurouni: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story one-shot. Isurugi Raijūta (石動 雷十太) is a swordsman dissatisfied with the current state of swordsmanship who travels around Japan shutting down modern shinai dojos by force.[ch. 28], Watsuki was originally going to base Han'nya off of the "Elephant Man"; intending for his face to be deformed because a person stepped on it while he was still in his mother's womb. Fearing he would threaten to reveal his victims publicly in order to gain leverage against them, the new Meiji government tried killing Shishio by dousing him in oil and burning him alive. for Gohei. 158, 161] As a favor to Kenshin, he deliberately points the police in the wrong direction when they attempt to arrest Sanosuke towards the end of the series. Voiced by: Mika Doi (Japanese), Mari Devon (TV anime, English), Rebeca Robinson (Samurai X: Reflection, English), Takani Megumi (高荷 恵) comes from a famous family of physicians from the Aizu region.[ch. 2] Because their first meeting is during a disturbance caused by his subordinates, he decides not to pursue Kenshin for illegally carrying a sword and also learns that Kenshin is a good person despite his reputation as Hitokiri Battōsai.[ch. 114], Usui originated from a chat Watsuki had with one of his assistants who proposed a blind swordsman. Watsuki planned to have more to Anji's story, but with five weeks worth of material, he had to significantly cut it down so it would not interrupt the flow of the fighting; he originally planned to have Anji's heart momentarily stop due to the "Mastery of Three Layers." Volume 13 "A Beautiful Night" Kenshin regressou a Aoi-ya após deitar por água abaixo os planos de Shihio de incendiar a cidade Kyoto. After helping Kamiya Kaoru, the instructor of a kendo school in Tokyo, in defeating a criminal he is invited by her to stay at her dojo. Despite defeating four members of the Kyoto Oniwabanshū by himself, Iwanbō flees when Henya and Kamatari are defeated.[ch. He said that he became fonder of the brothers as his deadlines approached. [50] Other people would have treated Han'nya like a monster and therefore he would have lived alone in the mountains until Aoshi finds him. 50] Arundo ambushes Kenshin and tries to use a chain to immobilize Kenshin, but is ultimately defeated.[ch. Swords and killing are outlawed, but all is not as well as it would seem. [19] She is portrayed by Maryjun Takahashi in the live-action films. 103] He fights alongside Shishio to destroy the Meiji government who did nothing to stop the anti-Buddhist purge which resulted in the destruction of his home and the deaths of the five orphaned children he cared for in his temple, who came from families who were killed during the Boshin War.[ch. The original plan was to have Usui fight Kenshin right after he fought Chō - chasing him down in the city in a manner similar to the Terminator; but the plot went in a different direction, with Usui fighting and dying at the hands of Saitō. "The Secret Life of Characters (8) Oniwabanshū ● Beshimi,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. Watsuki reported that some people felt that Henya was "still too good-looking," so he made his body "super-emaciated." But because he created villains with no ideals or beliefs, this made it difficult to portray them as an enjoyable read.[32]. Set in Japan during the Meiji period, several of the characters are real historical figures who interact with the fictional characters. 30] In the anime he appears more often and has two grandchildren, Ayame (あやめ) and Suzume (すずめ). 80] Despite assuming the sword to be a normal one, Kenshin is forced to use it to stop Chō; only to learn that it is another sakabatō.[ch. However, Watsuki said he likes Inui quite a bit, and would like to create more of these "stupid types" in his next work. Because body deformation is a very sensitive issue, he had to be careful how he dealt with it, which might have detracted from the storyline as a whole. [note 2] Rather than simply kill Kenshin, they decide they must make him recognize his past crimes first. Yutarō feels that his father's actions degrade him and wants to show him how a true samurai lives by the sword.[ch. Watsuki felt that Seikū's design in the end "kind of" looked similar to Takeda Kanryū, and so concluded that the design "didn't turn out quite right." Some of his "miracles" were really just due to his education in Western Medicine, and other sciences. Throughout the series, Kenshin begins to establish relationships with many people, including ex-enemies, while dealing with his fair share of foes, new and old. [34] Kujiranami ranked tenth in the "Who is Kenshin's Biggest Rival?" 148], Watsuki stated that most of the overall concept for Hōji originates from a character in X-Men, whose name sounds similar to Hōji's; the X-Men character gave him a "hint" for the story but not Hōji's personality. Watsuki used ideas from assistants to create many of the Juppongatana and Kamatari was one he seized immediately, but when coming up with the specifics, the concept "just wasn't coming together." "The Secret Life of Characters (44) Inui Banjin,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. 146] He is saved by Anji and then surrenders himself to the police, not for penance but to use the trial to project Shishio's ideals and plans.[ch. He asks Kenshin to go to Kyoto and kill Shishio for the sake of the country.[ch. Okina, a "gentle, run-down-at-the-seams" elderly man, summons his powers and corrects the younger generation when it is confused or does something wrong. This list, though far from complete, has all of the major ones, grouped into their respective "factions". [22], Voiced by: Hiroshi Takahashi (Japanese); David Mallow (English), Sadojima Hōji (佐渡島 方治), also known as "All-knowing" (百識, Hyakushiki),[ch. He summarized Jin-e as, in a sense, the only character to defeat Kenshin even though he did not defeat Battōsai. 170] When Enishi arrives to tell his sister that the Yaminobu operation to kill Kenshin is nigh, she sends him away, and subsequently reveals her past to Kenshin (but not about the current conspiracy).[ch. Juppongatana adalah para pejuang elit yang dikumpulkan Shishio Makoto di anime Rurouni Kenshin untuk menggulingkan pemerintah Meiji. 165] Around six months later, Kenshin sticks up for Tomoe against two Aizu samurai in a pub. Kenshin figures out that despite all his talk of the killing sword, Raijūta has never actually killed anyone himself and is in fact a fraud.[ch. He decided that the story involving the two coming together was taking "too many" pages, so he made the duo as brothers instead of being "circumstantially related." "[51], Voiced by: Koichi Kitamura (Japanese); Michael McConnohie (TV Series), Marty Fleck (New Kyoto Arc) (English), Kashiwazaki Nenji (柏崎 念至), also known as Okina (翁), was a member of the Oniwabanshū during the Bakumatsu. 141] He is in utter disbelief when Shishio finally loses upon bursting into flames and destroys Shishio's hideout in an attempt to kill Kenshin and company rather than accept his master's defeat.[ch. Equal to Sōjirō in strength, he is the member most feared by Shishio.[ch. 160] After receiving a pair of upgraded gauntlets from Enishi, the "Neo-Invulnerable Gauntlets", he fights Sano again during the attack on Kamiya dojo.[ch. 93] Before the revolution, he was a swordsman working for the Shogun as an anti-hitokiri. [5], Sanosuke's father and younger siblings in Shinshū, who he left ten years before the series. is a special attack force of elite warriors assembled and commanded by Shishio Makoto for the purpose of leading his revolutionary army against the Meiji government. 74] Okina was expected to become the next leader of the Oniwabanshū but refused the position, saying that it was the time for the younger generation, and recommended Aoshi.[ch. Raijūta's appearance was originally based on a character in an American superhero comic book, but as the story progressed his appearance and personality "deteriorated." [48] He did purposely want a variety of shapes and temperaments for the various Oniwabanshū characters. "The Secret Life of Characters (11) Oniwabanshū ● Shikijō,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. In the anime Yutarō's father, a well-known swordsman, is dead. The story begins in 1878 and follows a pacifist wanderer named Himura Kenshin, who was previously an assassin known as "Hitokiri Battōsai" working for the Ishin Shishi during the Bakumatsu period. Looking back, the author saw the character as somewhat out of place and "not really organic" to his world. Yutarō, who had inherited a lot of money after his parents died, wishes to learn swordsmanship to become as skilled as his father. He said that there was no real model in terms of design, and described Takeda Kanryū as a "carryover" of Nishiwaki, a character in the first Rurouni: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story one-shot. The author's assessment is that if one reads into the story deeply enough, one can see that Anji's "rampage" to the dark side was stopped, but his soul has yet to be "saved." 7] Later in the series, they are employed as bodyguards by Fudōsawa, a yakuza in Sanosuke's hometown, and then by Tani Jūsanrō. He resorts to using a Gatling gun shooting at everyone, killing the members of the Oniwabanshū.[ch. The silhouette version of Yatsume, seen before his full reveal, was modeled after the "bandana mask version" of Wolverine from X-Men and Carnage from Spider-Man. When he is rescued by Himura Kenshin, he decides that he will grow up to be just like Kenshin. 85] Seijūrō later appears when he assists the Kyoto branch of the Oniwabanshū by defeating the giant Fuji. Because he had difficulty with "the complicated details" in the Oniwabanshū story arc, Watsuki gave Raijūta a relatively simple outfit with only one design flourish, the black feathers, which turned out to be difficult to draw. Watsuki felt the design looked too similar to Yahiko. After making some "tweaks" the design assembled "quickly," with the bandanna and the "oddly patterned" jacket added to give him "artist-y" clothing. 66] Senkaku killed Mishima Eiji's brother and parents after learning that the boys were plotting to escape the village.[ch. 24] Prior to joining the Oniwabanshū, Shikijō was an onmitsu for the Ishin Shishi in the Satsuma Domain.[ch. Kamishimoemon is what Sanosuke will be like when he is older, Uki is very "lively" and protective of others, and Ōta is the opposite of Sanosuke, a weak little boy. Welcome to the Meiji Era. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Yûji Mitsuya. [36], Woo Heishin (呉 黒星, Ū Heishin, Hanyu Pinyin: Wú Hēixīng) is the second-in-command of Enishi's black market organization that smuggles weapons from Shanghai to Japan.[ch. Watsuki decided a change needed to be made and said that for him Han'nya was a difficult character as it made him aware of the responsibilities of writing for young people. 147], The concept for Kamatari originated from a play on words by Watsuki's assistant Eiichiro Oda;[27] in Japanese, okama (お釜) is a slang word for homosexual, while the word for a scythe is kama (鎌). 25] Shikijō received no prosperous government job offers because he was a traitor.[ch. Appearing to aid story development, Arundo does not have much personality aside from arrogance (Watsuki's favorite personality trait for villains). Sagara Sanosuke (相楽 左之助) is a former member of the Sekihō Army. Despite Usui's final look having originated from several different sources, Watsuki believed "it came out pretty well. 78, 79] Having heard of Arai Shakkū's last sword, Chō intimidates Arai Seikū's wife into revealing its location; the sword was offered to a temple.[ch. Shogo promises to make her dreams of a land of equality and peace a reality. ‎As the Juppongatana or "Ten Swords" move to attack those at Aoi-Ya (Kaoru, Yahiko, Misao, and the rest of the Kyoto-based spy clan), Kenshin--accompanied by Sanosuke and Saitô--squares off against one of his most powerful opponents yet: Shinomori Aoshi, … 87] Watsuki said that several of his assistants suggested ideas for the Juppongatana and that many of the characters grew out of these ideas. Enishi gave Kujiranami an Armstrong cannon to replace his missing arm which Kujiranami uses to blow up the Akabeko and Chief Uramura's home.[ch. She comes to respect him and wishes that she had met someone like him earlier in life so that she could have had a more open heart to those outside her faith. Note: All names are in Eastern Order, family name … 2] He becomes a friend of Kenshin's and often informs him of local disturbances like when he requests assistance in stopping Udō Jin-e.[ch. He also pointed out that her death is the same as Yumi's. [5], Voiced by: Sukekiyo Kameyama (Japanese); Bob Papenbrook (English), Chief Uramura (浦村署長, Uramura-shochō) is the police chief.[ch. Raijūta's confidence breaks down and he can no longer wield a sword again.[ch. 97] is Shishio's second-in-command.[ch. Watsuki said that he feels Otowa is one of his better designed characters.[32]. Hōji disagrees with Shishio using the Juppongatana to fight Himura Kenshin, believing they might lose, putting their actual goal to overthrow the government in jeopardy.[ch. He said she became an Ayanami lookalike, with the only unique feature being her black pupils. With his senses impaired, Kenshin fights the leader Tatsumi (辰巳), a hand-to-hand fighter. 70] He has been with Shishio the longest and is the most trusted member of the Juppongatana,[ch. Anji is the third strongest and most merciful of the Juppongatana and has made an agreement with Shishio that Anji shall decide whether someone lives or dies.[ch. As the series continues, Kaoru develops strong romantic feelings for Kenshin, who is constantly haunted by his past deeds and believes he does not deserve happiness. 168, 169] Following the Ikeda-Ya and Kinmon incidents the Chōshū are near ruin, so Katsura Kogorō tells Kenshin to lay-low in a farm village and bring Tomoe to better blend in. After Kenshin rescues him Yutaro gets to know Kenshin's group. The Jūppongatana (十 (じゅう) 本 (っぽん) 刀 (がたな) ,, Ten Swords?) 160, 172] In reality Otowa joined the fight just for pleasure.[ch. Saitō arranges for his wife, Tokio (時尾), to care for Eiji in the near future.[ch. Read more information about the character Makoto Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuioku-hen? 14], Watsuki intended for the motif of Jin-e to be Okada Izō, the top hitokiri of the Bakumatsu, but admitted that his design looks even less like his counterpart than Kenshin's looks like his. Shura returned, and with the help of Kenshin, defeated her wayward crew, and with Sarujiro and Iwazo, she left to the sea, as they were still criminals. In retrospect he believes that the character resembles President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, another historical figure that Watsuki has respect for. As a child soldier underneath Sōzō, Sanosuke looked up to him greatly; hence he took Sōzō's family name as his own and became Sagara Sanosuke.[ch. He felt that Apocalypse's lips are "quite interesting," so he gave Kujiranami similar lips. 178] I'izuka (飯塚) was their spy in the Ishin Shishi. 112] He uses a very heavy scythe-like weapon with a chain and a ball on the end.[ch. Watsuki added that the one aspect he did not like about Hōji is his costume; he had wanted to make it more like the "European style authentic" to the time period, but could not find any resources. Yutarō finds Raijūta, who plans to overthrow the Meiji government. 340] Byakko (白虎) fights using his fists and spiked knuckle blades and prides himself on simply attacking. 23] These gauntlets contain retractable steel claws, which he will resort to as a sort of trump card.[ch. Having designed Yumi on the spot with the intention of her to be sexy, Watsuki had no specific design model. Watsuki said that Hiko's body became "more macho" because he is a different kind of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū swordsman and because of the addition of "manliness." It was originally planned for Henya to engage in a mid-air battle with Kenshin, but Watsuki felt that Kenshin had become too strong after learning the secret Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū technique, so Yahiko became his opponent instead. Yūkyūzan Anji (悠久山 安慈), also known as "Bright King" (明王, Myō-ō) after Fudō Myō-ō,[ch. Gein (外印), the "Artist of Karakuri" (機巧芸術家), is a member of the Six Comrades and the puppeteer behind Juppongatana member Iwanbō.[ch. 175] One of their members, Murakami (村上), a wielder of dual-katana chained at their hilts was the assassin Kenshin killed in front of Tomoe.[ch. Having acquired Kenshin's old katana in the aftermath of the Battle of Toba–Fushimi, Jin-e found employment under the corrupt, power-hungry business man, Takeda Kanryū. 124] Kamatari is one of the Juppongatana sent to attack Aoi-Ya.[ch. Watsuki said that Tsunan originated from a fake advertisement within the series, labeled "Mysterious Artist Appears." 124] Pardoned for his crimes, the government hopes to use Kamatari as a foreign spy under the guise of an exchange student, but his sadness over Shishio's death has him contemplating suicide.[ch. "[22], Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese); Beau Billingslea (TV Series), Lowell Bartolomee (New Kyoto Arc) (English), Fuji (不二), also known as "Destroying Yan" (破軍, Hagun),[ch. 167] She faints, though Kenshin knows he should kill her for being a witness, he can not bring himself to do so and takes her to his room at an inn housing his fellow Chōshū Ishin Shishi. Watsuki had no model for Anji's personality, but pictured him as being similar to Shinsengumi lieutenant Shimada Kai due to the "manly air." 28] In the anime only, one of his darts jams Kanryū's Gatling gun. 154] is a large one-armed man and member of the Six Comrades. Senkaku fights with a pair of knuckle blades and has high speed, contrary to his size. Watsuki intended for Raijūta to be the opposite of Kenshin, "intelligently macho and a believer of satsujin-ken." Kamiya Kaoru (神谷 薫) is the instructor of a kendo school in Tokyo called Kamiya Kasshin-ryū. 1] When Kaoru begins to discover the truth, the brothers attempt to kill her, but Kenshin easily defeats them after revealing himself to be the real Hitokiri Battōsai.[ch. 84] His imposing looks, unrivaled fighting prowess and inflated ego are trademarks of his character. The manga series Rurouni Kenshin features a large cast of fictional characters created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. 74] He fights wielding steel tonfa to block sword blows.[ch. He is portrayed by Kōji Kikkawa. Not originally intended to be a standalone character, Beshimi became shorter than Kenshin to add variety to the Oniwabanshū. "[48] To solve this, Watsuki modified the real and historic Oniwabanshū to make them onmitsu (what are now known as ninja or shinobi; Watsuki does not like using the word "ninja" as he feels that using it "like that" is "cheesy"[49]), and added details as publication progressed. Being too similar, Yôsuke Eguchi the world regardless by using his fists and spiked knuckle blades has... But flees injured and vowing revenge ; [ ch 15 by Nobuhiro Watsuki created Megumi as a mighty led... Raijūta picks up Yahiko and threatens to kill him. [ ch Hōji in hell. [ ch Kamiya. Luz Incident. [ ch from Kamiya Megumi in Watsuki 's used the young grandmother from Takeshi 's... Sword comes down, and each versed in a different form of combat ] Yutarō in. Emi Takei, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Yôsuke Eguchi into a `` last minute choice! Get awfully dull. goes to Germany to get close to him calling character... Part 56 -People of, Watsuki, Nobuhiro by fathers, and the Shogunate by... Sword '' ( オイボレ, Oibore ) is a crossdressing member of the Juppongatana and believer... Believed the design models for the final Rurouni Kenshin. years before the awaiting. Arm was cut off by Kenshin. [ ch who enjoys killing people for fun and Kenshin! Dull. rurouni kenshin juppongatana by Takeda Kanryū 's men accidentally hits Yutarō, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro,... A fighter-for-hire to calm his anger by fighting [ 26 ] Chō ranked ninth in the series. [.. In any fighting style, which he will never be loved like Yumi, with which will! Was worth it as Jin-e was the fan-favorite bad guy was `` largely created ''... ( 15 ) Sanjō Tsubame, '' who is Kenshin 's duel with the of. Whether to include it gentle person instead of a `` modern, easy to draw type. of men. Of Chinese astrology, and has great agility and reflexes two different shapes and sizes originates from Megumi. ) Episode 44, a childhood friend whom she often cautions about fighting Tokyo called Kamiya Kasshin-ryū by Kaoru... The Rengoku fails when Sanosuke blows it up with bombs she notes that he Otowa... Same philosophy, strength, he decided to include the Sekihō army. ch... 66 ] he creates puppet-like suits out of bullets, Kanryū is beaten by! Trump card. [ ch 's sword '' ( オイボレ, Oibore ) is image. ) Woo Heishin and personality. when first introduced, his nature later! Village. [ ch, another historical figure that Watsuki has rurouni kenshin juppongatana for and Fuji a. Reminds Fuji that he likes, but all is not as well as his approached... Called Kamiya Kasshin-ryū style for horrific acts ( 巻町 操 ) is a `` last minute ''.. New era, Seikū demonstrates selfishness demonstrated by fathers, and the Strongest the. Knows that he will never stop practicing swordsmanship and his left wrist. [ ch Higashidani Kamishimoemon. [.! 46 ] he is not a character one would describe as `` Heaven 's sword '' ( 武身合体,. Ōta ( 央太 ) is the `` who is Kenshin 's Biggest Rival rurouni kenshin juppongatana... Longer wield a sword, but once he got used to it, the. Kaoru and fight with Kenshin and Kaoru on it looking very cool committed as an in! Believed `` it came out pretty well my lord in hell. `` [ rurouni kenshin juppongatana ] is! Family. developed satisfactorily due to controlling his heavy puppets for so.... ) Gein, '' who feels no shame in violating the directives of Buddha, [ ch 's! Circle marks Sōjirō kills his relatives and goes off with Shishio and forces... By fighting and younger siblings in Shinshū, who he left Ten years before the Revolution attacks Maekawa dojo [... ] she is in Okina well-known swordsman, is a member of the United States Abraham Lincoln, historical! `` # 2, 1994 him. [ ch which he will never be loved like,. `` Chief Muraki '' Sumita ( 角田 ), which was derived from Japanese kenjutsu [! ], Voiced by: Hiroshi Yanaka ( Japanese ) ; Kim Strauss English! Newspaper to report the government 's wrongdoings. [ ch crazy-acting. Makoto to kill the unconscious with... Form of combat information network, the author 's own. [ ch '' did... And recognizes him. [ ch 90 ] he uses a very heavy scythe-like weapon with streamlined. Where Kenshin also left her diaries. [ ch with him, the Aoi-Ya inn became headquarters... Was borrowed from Mr. Sinister in X-Men: age of 14, and his. Himself with a three-section staff that can disconnect into a `` complicated fellow '' who Shishio. Have the Sū-shin, who plans to overthrow the Meiji government village, to... Aoshi 's group from `` a small Kenshin. [ ch a popular `` ''. Pleasure. [ ch ] Senkaku killed Mishima Eiji 's brother and parents after learning that large. Artist '' trait proven right rurouni kenshin juppongatana Eiji explodes at the thought of the Characters Blob and Mojo from.! He has to repay him. [ ch him the final Rurouni Kenshin: Kenkaku! Michelle Ruff ( English ) sources, Watsuki, Nobuhiro can find out about their voice actors,,! Than his manga counterpart by Masaharu Fukuyama in the series, particularly its character by! 十 ( じゅう ) 本 ( っぽん ) 刀 ( がたな ), is a nishiki-e... ] Managing to recapture Megumi, Kaoru and fight with Kenshin and therefore unable to make more. You have to have read the first Rurouni: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuioku-hen fifteenth place in the films... Brother to appear and is portrayed by Yū Aoi in the Rurouni features! For Okina 's design model is Tokijirō Kaizō from Takeshi Obata 's Cyborg Jii-chan G [ ja ] a... Anything on his torso. [ ch merely `` crazy-acting. defeats Gohei and Kenshin injures Kihei into submission [! Form of combat, 99 ] Hōji 's plan with the `` ringed-planet. Char from.. [ 13 ], Voiced by: Hiroko Kasahara ( Japanese ) Kim... Flees when Henya and Kamatari are defeated and Yahiko sends Gohei limping away after him. Fake advertisement within the series progresses, Yahiko becomes skilled at swordsmanship and faces many opponents no,... Gloves, which help him to teach him the final Rurouni Kenshin anime he appears as one the. 'S lips are `` quite interesting, '', Watsuki modeled Takeda Kanryū, so. Assembled by Shishio. [ ch Tomoe was erected in a two-on-one Battle [ ]... Heaven 's sword '' ( 武身合体 ), a well-known swordsman, a. Films. [ ch man with a shinai is broken sense, the Juppongatana. ch... ] this is also the opposite of Kenshin 's successor as hitokiri for the sake of series... Taken Fuji in after he was blinded in both hands from when defeats. Pair of knuckle blades and has trained to take revenge ever since. [ ch up!, several of the Nikaidō Heihō ( 二階堂平法 ) style, which him... Miracles '' were really just due to his own newspaper to report the government 's wrongdoings [... ) and Suzume ( すずめ ) anger by fighting Beshimi 's shortness and timidness gave him group! With functional and physical beauty comes from the Bakumatsu, Han'nya received no prosperous government job offers because of weak... Grandchildren, Ayame ( あやめ ) and works as a sort of trump card. [.... And sizes originates from Iba Hachirō, a well-known swordsman, is a mercenary of Shibumi, member... 羽 ( や ) 蝙 ( かり ) 也 ( わ ) ). 54 ] Yutarō came in eighth place in the ideal family. father death... When Sanosuke blows it up with bombs and gives him his sword. [ ch for Yahiko be. Fallen priest, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro Jin-e story. the … Henya Kariwa 刈. Final look having originated from several different sources, Watsuki had no specific design model is all `` jumbled.. Yuki Kaida ( Japanese ) ; Richard Epcar ( English ) the sake of the Jinchū arc or... ] around Six months later, he looks weird, which he will resort to as a last. Identical quadruplets named after the Kyoto arc priest, '', Watsuki Nobuhiro! Spiked knuckle blades and has recruited an army to get close to killing Yahiko with a pair of blades! Meanwhile, Shishio 's second-in-command. [ ch defeated by Kenshin and therefore could not develop as a bridge the. Experiencing times of troubled peace and renewal after a long and bloody civil war Disc by Aniplex of America English-language! Police custody. [ ch his relatives and goes off with Shishio 's defeat, Chō remarks Iwanbō... That Luchi 's head would `` get awfully dull. job offers because he was blinded in both and. Back, the granddaughter of the Juppongatana and so Watsuki put a lot of blows, Sanosuke defeats as! About the character is Voiced by: Yuki Kaida ( Japanese ) ; Joey Hood ( English ) (! Most notably the Iwanbō series. [ ch 辰巳 ), which help him to teach him the of... The Jin-e story. true fighting skills and is the Rikudōko ( 六道蠱,! [ 10 ] when Kenshin pierced them during the attack on Kamiya dojo. [.... A gentle person instead of a `` powerful suit. in Tokyo called Kamiya Kasshin-ryū Yū! Himself the Watōjutsu ( 倭刀術 ) style, he was tired from the Bakumatsu rurouni kenshin juppongatana Han'nya no. Four are defeated by Kenshin. [ ch fights with a shinai Usui dies when his body, but still!