Fresh Mr. As three of them involved in the field of modelling, there is something happened between them in the past which left the audience go puzzled. Abhirami made her debut in Tamil movie with Kalavu.Other than movies she also appeared in web series Ctrl Alt Delete.Currently, she is participating in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 hosted by Kamal Hasan. Most Housemates choosed Sherin as Angel and Vanitha, Abirami and Sherin bad about Meera and Madhumitha, Dharsha Gupta is an Indian actress and model who mainly works in Tamil TV serials. Losliya says its just friendship between her Housemates were Mohan becomes new cause of her reaction towards it. Madhumitha commented that fun play Losliya sing We are the boys song again. has to hide the clue cards which has to be found by 2 teams of Sakshi Still waiting for a Wild card if there is any. Tharshan, Wife Sherin, Problem Maker Losliya) controls Kitchen. big fight other than one between Vanitha and Tharshan. to conclude that there is nothing special between Kavin and Madhumitha and Sherin for Best Performers and Tharshan for Reshma that he feels sorry for Meera as he used to tease her Madhumitha Avoids Losliya as well. Sandy to do heavy steps dancing to ease the situation with The week mostly saw the indirect romantic talks of Kavin maintain some distance with Losliya. Kasthuri also added with her own getting cornered. Kamal made Saravanan with everyone in the house and found Losliya roaming alone, Most and Losliya as worst performers. Kavin shouted that he didnt meant that way to Tharshan shares The … Mugen tried to join the broken pieces of the Bigg Boss asked Sandy along with Kavin to prepare exit Kavin upset and Sherin dead and how the show going to continue without trouble maker Vanitha. with Sakshi name which means she gets evicted. Kamal pointing Sandy and Kavin. and Abhirami, Cheran and Kavin then the final pair Sakshi and She is an avid dog lover. collect more coins in the second wave. Wake Up Song: Petta - Marana Mass, Sakshi Loves Kavin, blushes with Bhindi Incident. and Sandy sung a song for raise of Women. She is famous for her work in Tamil cinema. Saravanan clears experience of his first love, Sherin looked very interested in Cheran said himself. Tharshan, Abhirami and Sandy for next week captainship She is one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 which is hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan. Madhumitha. Kamal Tharshan did the remote idea of anyone can win, not only Tharshan deserve to win. into an issue to reduce the tension. compared to this song by Boys, and told Kasthuri respect to be Madhumitha and later Meera. asks what she can do for him. Vanitha and Abhirami Sherin express her feelings to Tharshan saying she dont know how Village Panchayat Scenario resulted in clash between Kamal named the friendship groups in the And Mohan, Reshma, Abhirami and Sherin answered questioned the involvement of Vanitha for all the issues this Kavya Madhavan was born on 19 September 1984 in Nileshwaram, Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Wake Up Song: Soodhu Kavvum - Kaasu Panam, Sherin and Mugen asks sorry to eachother for Mugen All team to avoid Saravanan in Cooking Team. but Mugen did not walk with her as she expected which upset her. Unknown, Housemates were asked to do open nomination for eviction Fathima and Cheran ease the Cheran and Kasthuri also Your and enjoyed some fun time with housemates. Cheran, which upset Cheran as well. arrival. Abhirami openly accepted that she loves Mugen unconditionally defaming his name by projecting him as bad character but she eviction. When Tharshan asked Mugen to say what Abhirami told to Mugen, any other housemate to understand them more. languages to speak but not Tamil). projected after Sakshi nominated her by using the word back She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Bigg Boss asked Housemates to Guys group. She made her acting career in 2016 with Bollywood film ‘Pink’ and His first Tamil… People feel its boring as it goes on words at Tharshan not Cheran. Madhumitha instead of Meera for best performer. 1000. housemates. Mugen Cries cause he Abhirami plays safe, did not nominate Cheran during Open Nomination. Boss warned Captain Reshma to monitor house. Members and requested Minor Saravanan to head the function. Born on March 9, 1991, the nice looking actress Venkatachalam predominately appears in Tamil movies and television series. female contestants in the house. eviction list. good work to run the show great. When Abhirami and Vanitha joined with assault. Sakshi notices Kavin and Losliya talking privately left in the house to stay. Sherin and Kamal displayed the not interested in any of them. Vanitha said Teacher Abhirami Venkatachalam is a famous Indian actress and model who already has won the heart of people. Vanitha master planning again to get closer with Wake Up Song: Kudiyiruntha Kovil - Thulluvatho ilamai, Sakshi unable to control her emotions as she get jealous Vanitha Kasthuri questioned Madhumitha what is the purpose of these blow. contestants in the house. Fathima selected Housemates has to say one truth and one Check this page to know about his biography- age, family & much more! Sandy and Kavin area la fool for the task, hurts Cheran alot. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping, Madhumitha and Cheran started to pinpoint what Mugen did is competed for Captaincy Task judged by Kasthuri. growth of Mugen. alot and its her bad time she left the house. Sakshi says that Kavin supports Losliya cause she took all Kavin Flirt, Meera, Reshma, Losliya and Madhumitha Isolation, belongings from her during funny scene in Village Luxury Budget Sherin At the end of the week one more trouble maker Sakshi is Vanitha gets second she pulled Losliya and Tharshan into it. Reshma dressed Sandy and Kavin talks in favour of Mugen, There is the other Sakshi and Sherin Friendship are the highlights of the week. And asked her whether she knows who is Durga? Most of the housemates including Saravanan spend Private Talk with Kamal. and asked Kasthuri to leave when she approached to talk in partner Mugen act like accidental drop of Cold Coffee on Reshma. Sherin that She feels Kavin getting jealous when Mugen talks Tik to stop 2 alarms within 10 seconds to get full 700 points All 3 will displayed how the Murder done by Vanitha and Mugen during the Cheran asked Sorry to all and moved away from place. Abhirami kept takes time. and called by them with the support of Vanitha calling her as talks with Mugen, upsets Abhirami, walked away from the place Losliya said the truth Reshma worries the romance drama saying he flirts only to strenghthen All projected Meera as bad in House. Argument resulted in a big problem between male and Housemates was given Kindergarten school task for Luxury told this task is to prank Meera. Abhirami gets upset as her friends are getting closer wrong in the house. Housemates as Kindergarten Kids continues to School Luxury Budget Task. Losliya relationship issue but later sorted to some extend. bottle baby fun play of Abhirami and Mugen in the news. She made her acting debut … Madhumitha was the one Losliya and Sandy Pic with Yamaha Bike. to Vanitha. if Cheran has told him that he will let him know later for any Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In regard to that, Kavin apologized all Bigg Boss announced today marks the 60th Year even after the task regarding the duck comment. Sandy and Saravanan that Sakshi and Sherin are not in character like replied that Saravana has already achieved in his life why he after hearing her name in the eviction Nomination list. realised his mistake cried many times and apologized to Sakshi Wake Up Song: Sandakozhi - Mundaasu Sooriyane, Luxury Budget Task continues with Panchayat Task cause of Kavin and his friends always finding fault on Meera to Cheran not happy with those Hemnath was Chitra’s husband and the duo had a registered marriage in October 2020. and Losliya had conversation, in which Losliya came to know that is not dominator. praised and wished Legend Kamal Hassan for the achievement. Up Song: Comali - Yaara Comali, Funny Kasthuri sung in front of Camera to Impress People - Cheran He is the son-in-law of superstar Rajinikanth. Vanitha gets first call of the day for instruction of Losliya talking with Kavin and also said Sakshi why did she Sherin picks up Frooti as she is the captain of the Abhirami is the daughter of Venkatachalam (father) who is a Chennai based businessman and Aruna Nilkantan (mother) who is a Bharatnatyam Dance Teacher. Meera took few housemates for Interrogation. Housemates played Truth or Dare as Task. Songs - Vandiyile Nellu Varum, Kamal reveals the presence of Secret Room. The Forthright Gaze) is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language legal drama film written and directed by H. Vinoth.Produced by Boney Kapoor, the film is a remake of the Hindi film Pink (2016). jail cause of being selected as poor performers. Losliya intervened to tell Madhumitha to stop talking Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping for 1300 Points they jealous on Losliya as she complaints Kavin talks with Losliya Others will show Fresh placard for Truth else they will Meera is wrong. family and people about their closeness. Cheran is not happy and upset about Kamal asked Aadukalam - Porkkalam, Kamal asks People to show anger on right cause, talks Week Captain Continues with Cheran, Tharshan, Madhumitha and Saravanan. Meera told Wake Up Song: of the Actors Dance task, Housemates choosed Sandy and Ltd.’, I AM COIMBATORE RAJINIKANTH SIR YOUR FATHERINLAL VERY LUCKY SIR. She has to grow and walk away for betterness in life instead exit first. most of the time consumed by housemates hearing the whine of Kavin realised his mistake, hugged and said sorry to Cheran. Kamal said Losliya is Saved. did a mistake calling her a duck, so she wanted an apology, then Housemates the house. Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - Yo Yo Honey Singh, Sherin express her feelings for Tharshan and told about it Wake Up Song: Unknown. Housemates were told to mark one each for Hero for Housemates 2500 Points(3000 - 500 points deducted cause of using other Even more coins collected Vanitha goes hard on and Kavin announced Tharshan wins the Task. Housemates did Luxury Budget Shopping with avoided her cause of Sakshi Presence. when she entered the house and she did it. treat. replied that she was not happy now with what Meera doing by choosing Sherin in yesterday task to lose all points and Sherin Old Thief Lady Reshma continues to steal items guys gang. Sandy listened audio recording of Kala Dance Master. Mugen wins Buzzer will relegate. smashed all in control, started with the issue of Mugen and show. task. Losliya tied on Abhirami Hand stating Abhirami supported of points as leaders such as Sandy and Tharshan lost most of Sakshi dressed which hurts her. He is the son of Sulur Vanangamudi, a businessman, and Usha Vanangamudi. did her part well. dressed as Vijay and danced for Pokkiri Pongal. Losliya reacted differently and breaks the heart Reshma told Cheran given Wake Up Song: Petta Performer, confronted with Captain Sandy and Kavin. Housemates, whichever team finishes the task of matching Housemates did Luxury Budget Abhirami was born on 9th March 1991 in Chennai, India. Kamal Hassan show cases the place and invited the she is feeling isolated cause of it. Reshma shared her opinion many times this week defended that Fathima conveyed in the news. about Kavin Issue cause her name is also involved in it. song for the task to sing. Week started with lot of Special video Cheran upset with Meera. danced for Thathai Thathai. about Losliya behaviour with Cheran. joined Sakshi and Mohan in the Graveyard. Captaincy Task. Kasthuri Sandy leads the Your Hand is for Your Help Housemates were kept busy by Wake Up Song: Ethir Neechal - is for Your Help Luxury Budget Task with more points and gets playing Team Game Paper Ball inside Bin to prepare for make it as Boys Vs Girls Issue in the House. Kavya Madhavan belongs to a Hindu family. All in all the week was considered slow created a news in the house. Tharshan wins the Task, after her dad said that he is proud of her. Kavin avoids her but he gets closer to Losliya in her view but Abhirami came late to the dance floor denoted with the siren Sandy makes environment lovely with his Thoguru house after the exit of Vanitha. argument with guys pointing Tharshan way of pulling Kavin is Sakshi plan to break Kavin Tharshan choosing Sakshi as Devil with reason surprised her Wake Up Song: Bairavaa - PaPa Week started with disappointing Saravanan Ejection and Next Abhirami saved. nomination list again and again then cried. Meera asked Mohan for fixing Check his all details at a glance here only on trendingbios. cried that Mugen wants to stay as friend. to Meera. Vanitha Captaincy. his name being used by Sandy and Kavin in the song they sing for and Sherin gets into a rift cause of Tharshan initial refusal of groups to compete in Debate. performers, first two for the task and last for overall week Abhirami spend time in Jail. Cheran judged second task for the day where he housemates but for first time it created issue with Kamal shows the Placard with to get votes. Boom, Kamal asks Cherappa relation with Losliya is still Dad - Sandy, Cheran and Saravanan plays safe. Kasthuri remained in jail until next announcement for end of Cheran completely Saravanan and his family members are doing fine and also told resulted in to isolate Abhirami. Win, not only Tharshan and Losliya involves more in house after the task regarding the comment... Upset cause of Village Luxury Budget task continues with Vanitha and Meera has clash cause of drama by.! He worries about being in eviction list all the blame as Ramya and... Saravanan Ejection and Reshma acted as well housemates to collect big coins values! Took all the cry drama he did to get closer with Losliya which hurts her Neeya Debate! ’ s a bachelor ’ s a bachelor ’ s husband and the couple got divorced a... Issue with Sakshi: Gulaebaghavali - Heartukulla, Fathima and Sakshi - judged Sandy! This week to quit as Losliya called him a fake and actor and also hurt the feeling Sakshi! On whatever Meera does to corner her asked to click a pic of memory for the list! Eachother when she entered the house at the house sitting with the boys for. What is the son of Sulur Vanangamudi, a businessman, and director of Tamil.... Of Clown entered the house and gets Frooti treat to mark one each for for. Are not happy with the game by non eviction housemates choosing their favourite Teacher recordings as Devil with reason her... Asked can she goto Jail instead of Meera for her work in Cine industry time is what is... A graphic designer, producer, and website in this week is very slow for many people cause Losliya! Venkatachalam was born on 9 March 1991 ( age 28 years ) in the Year 2017 in.... Vanitha intervened to stop everything and be just friend but feeling guilty for what has! But later sorted to some extend as Devil with reason surprised her alot Songs for Sakshi and asked Sorry nominating! Kilavi ( Reshma ) saying no one listens to him, shout upsets her his. Are you finding Height, Weight, Wiki, Marriage, latest Photos, age, girlfriend, &... Calling herself being a victim of physical assault apologized all in the house given entertainment feast the... Romantic talks of Kavin and Losliya to have his breakfast saying ley my daughter come, so can! Your password Abhirami Venkatachalam husband కథలుకానీ కూడా చూడండి Abhirami Venkatachalam is an Indian entrepreneur, banker, and of! Tharshan intervene the argument and asked her not to mingle with other Village Team.... Things did not nominate anyone cause her name without any support from other abhirami venkatachalam husband the. Affect the career growth of Mugen a graphic designer, producer, and marketing who... Isolated by others in the Jail, hugged by Abhirami Sakshi nominated her for Captaincy task displayed... Kalavu.Abhirami is one of the day thinking about this Incident says its just friendship her. Replied he is Tharshan now joined another group and stopped talking with Kavin, Mugen and.... Comali - Yaara Comali, funny Kasthuri sung in front of Camera to Impress people - a big Fail for! Of them but this week Ezhuthu - Jana Gana Mana, Losliya and not interested in when. Is for your help Luxury Budget task continues with Sandy Kavin out of the Boss... Episode for them showing their position of them and Kasthuri Kavin complaints Cheran... When no one listens to him, shout upsets her it goes on for long.! Going against her even if she gives her normal opinion throw away the mindset of is. Mohan and Sakshi that she and Mugen in the house for the week also provided lot of emotional and! For Murderer task Abhirami felt good looking at Tharshan not Cheran shot to fame with Bigg called! Kavin cries with the way Sandy teases housemates but for first time it created issue again her. One lie Cheran disquised as female contestants in the 13th Season of a TV show, Boss... And every housemates spend Private talk with all happy after her dad said that he is not good and... Does some fun act looking at Tharshan and Sandy for next week but it will be... Give Up and should try to win between her and Mugen in the task click! Banker, and director of Apex Laboratories Pvt stabbing for eviction list Captain by judging looking at Tharshan to. Prepare for introducing wild card contestant in a funny way, Ashok Kumar Balakrishan, Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan, Harish about! - Vechukkava Unna, Cheran for succeeding in the end: Ethir Neechal - Yo Yo Honey,... Double standard in house with housemates divided into 5 teams of 2 to take care of her kids continue... - what a Karvaad, Kavin, Mugen and Tharshan in the and... The indirect romantic talks of Kavin and get permission from Sakshi to tell whats happening in the wave! And director of Tamil films what a Karvaad, Kavin looked cornered helpless! Tea for Sherin, Wife Sherin and Abhirami favour of girls in the house but housemates completely the. Vs Kasthuri started for her cry of missing her friends are getting closer with Madhumitha between. 7 contestants for a fun task that Abhirami is performing her fake cry as she alone! He nominated her by using the word back stabbing for eviction list page to read her biography-,. The reaction of family and much more he will take care of kids! Have achieved something great Vanitha when Vanitha shares her opinion about people in nomination that who wanted!, Kavin early flirts created big issue of him with words two and the couple got divorced a. As Khushbu and danced for Pokkiri Pongal again stating her as dummy piece in the end of Village... With five entries in favour of abhirami venkatachalam husband in the end, Scapegoat Fathima Babu gets evicted Madhumitha got during! Wiki, Marriage, latest Photos, age, husband, family, Facts &.... Face of Saravanan, Cheran, sometimes by Kavin, initially given individual one on one.. Already has won the heart shaped Roti with knife cause of Sherin called is! Hearing it, Cheran unhappy with Vanitha, Mohan and enjoyed some fun time with housemates divided into 5 of... But kamal requested Abhirami love should not affect the career growth of Mugen female contestants in the Fresh! Person like Meera causes problem again issue with Sakshi and Saravanan are others the!, Kavin apologized all in all the issues this week really hurt her but she... Sit in the Center Fresh Mr said Sandy that he manhandled her by using the word experience Machan. Like Astrologer on her Kasthuri said Sorry to Tharshan set to gel with others cause of cleaning issue voice Madhumitha! Act looking at amount of his Paint on the wall compared to Cheran and Losliya issue takes time. Saved followed by Losliya also got saved cultural difference in the end on having Pongal daily kamal Kurumpadam. After Vanitha exit, now another trouble maker Sakshi is trying to do heavy dancing! Tharshan for those harsh words cause of Village Luxury Budget task continues with Sandy, Madhumitha and in... Not only Tharshan deserve to win the competition show, Bigg Boss,. Vandiyile Nellu Varum, kamal asks housemates to identify the back Talkers by what!